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Template for: Car Stock v2

(A) = Auto/Emergency, needed only in the event of breakdown or emergency; (T) = Tools, need occasional access for work or ad-hoc repairs; (P) = Power, need more frequent access for travel use; (S) = consumable supplies, stock to be checked & replenished regularly.

(A) Duct Tape

(A) Blanket

(A) Dyneema Core Rope, 100'

(A) Flares

(A) Gas funnel & Rag

(A) Emergency Lantern

(A) First Aid Kit

(A) Jumper cables

(A) Plastic Tarp

(A) Windshield washer fluid (empty container can be used for gas)

(T) Folding Shovel

(T) Flash light / Flood

(P) Charging (USB) cords - Micro USB, Apple (old), Apple (lightning)

(P) Car charger, spare (USB plug-in power supply), 12 VDC, 2.4A

(T) Utility Saw

(T) Standing table (2 pcs)

(P) HDMI cable, 6 ft

(T) Socket Kit

(P) AC Adapter - 110 W minimum for laptop

(P) Extension cord, 25' min (50' preferred)

(S) 2 pens (infrequent access)

(S) Blank notepad

(S) Batteries AA(3), AAA(3), C(4), D(4), 9v(2)

(P) SJ power cord, bare ends

(P) 24 VAC xfmr with 120 Vac power cable

(P) Laptop power supply

(P) Liberator cords (3)

(P) Power cable for computer (sacrificial) (infrequent access)

(S) Business Cards

(S) velcro ties

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