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Template for: Toolbag

Crescent Wrench, adjustable, 6” (Chanellock #806W)

Crescent Wrench, adjustable, 8” (Chanellock #808W)

Linesman’s Pliers (Gardner Bender ‘GB’, #GPS-3219 or GPS-3214)

Channel Locks, 10” (straight-jaw, Channellock brand #430 or equal)

Hex keys, 9-key, 3/16” to .050” (Eklind #20912)

5/16” Alan Key (for CRAC units)

Needle nose pliers, spring loaded (Pro's Kit PK-34 or GC Electronics #12-7315)

Small oval-head cutter, spring loaded (GC Electronics #12-7322 or #12-306)

Wire strippers (GC Electronics #8175 or Gardner Bender, ‘GB’, #GS-370)

Wire jacket stripper (Sewell Cable Stripper P/N SW-23777)

Utility knife

Tape measure – light and compact, 16’ minimum?

Screwdriver, 6-in-one (Channellock #61CB)

Flat/Slotted-head screw driver, 3/32" or 2.6 mm (General Tools 611094 or GC 2.4x40)

Flat/Slotted-head screwdriver, 1/8” (General Tools 711125)

Phillips-head Screwdriver, 1/8” or size #0 (General Tools 712010)

Stopwatch (accusplit.com, ‘Survivor III, Magnum XL’ or equal)

Small LED flashlight

Extech multi-meter model 450 with leads

Fluke 54-II thermometer (calibrated) with 2 PK-1 probes (calibrated)

Scotch 700 black tape

Spare razor pack of 5 for utility knife (store safely)


Large Sharpie



Headlamp (Petzl 'Pixa 2')

120V Outlet Tester (Sperry #GFI6302)

Pignose plug adapter

Precision screwdriver set (GC Electronics #12-6955 or General Tools #700 include all small screwdrivers)

Receptacle tester & Breaker locator (Sperry CS61200)

AC Voltage detector (Sperry #VD6504)

Spare batteries (3-AAA and 1-9V)

3-prong 3-way plug adapter

Wand probe for Fluke thermometer

¼” caplugs for thermocouple holes.

Teflon Tape

½” x 7/16” double-ended box wrench (for actuator clamp and damper rod nuts and bolts)

1A Buss Fuses (common fuse for control circuits)

Amprobe Ultra

Torpedo level (w/ magnet), 9”

Embroidery Scissors (for wire shield, nylon thread after stripping jacket off comm. wire)

Tone Generator


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