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Template for: New Years Party


Clean up yard (leaves, dogs), gutter (parking)

Need Bridghid’s 14 folding chairs (plus our 4)

Garage – all drinks and food in there while getting house ready

Garage - Clean out garage

Garage – saw horses with closet door as table.

Garage - Round table accessible in garage

FR – All dog stuff out (bowls, toys, blankets, …).

FR – Maria’s desk chair out

FR – Fireplace pokers out. No fire in fireplace.

FR – CD box out

FR – Leave basement door open.

LR – take xmas tree down

LR – all large potted plants, doll house, antique bench out.

OUTSIDE - Clean off back porch and uncover/wipe down table and chairs

LR – green trash can just inside hallway or in corner where Japanese cabinet goes.

OUTSIDE - Pull cars all the way into driveway

OUTSIDE - Ashtrays

LR – move DR table into corner

Have kitchen trash bags ready

Family bathroom - close and add sign

Signs on basement bathroom, mud room bath, and door to mud room for BATHROOM

TP and tissues in downstairs bathroom

TP and tissues in mud room bathroom



FR – 5 folding chairs. 3 in front of fire place, 2 around coffee table.

LR - move out japanese chest. Trash can in its place

FR – Arm chair in corner near Maria’s desk.

FR – Ottoman in corner next to mud room door.

FR – Honda table at window next to kitchen counter.

LR – 5 folding chairs. Bob’s desk chair.

LR – White plastic table

LR – Drop leaf table

LR – Sewing table

Basement – old kitchen table with leaf

Basement – 6 folding chairs

Basement – screens up to hide drum area, door to back basement

Outside – fire pit and 6 folding chairs



(3) gallon jugs of water for coffee

(4) prepared 10-cup regular coffee w/filters, (2) decaf

(4) 1-gallon bags of ice in fridge for ice bucket

(80) plastic forks

(60) name tags and sharpies


IDEAS - Decorations, music, entertainment

Horns, hats, tiaras, noisemakers for about 20 people

Balloons in each room - bunches in 5 locations (3 in LR/DR/Foyer, 1 in FR, and 1 in Basement)

Mural on basement closet doors

Something on inside of basement door

Pergola xmas lights

Xmas lights in front of house

Playlist for FR music

TV schedule (maybe ½ hour or hour video) for basement

Music in basement

Outside – prep fire pit and wood



Drinks on Honda table. Stored drinks underneath.

Hot drinks - Coffee and mulled - cider at end of counter (near cold drinks)

Take coats and food from people as they come in the door.

Give people name tag – assign someone to make name tags.



Food flow

Food what was popular, what ran out, …

Drinks – cold, hot, ice, cups

Guest entry – coats, food, name tags

Guests – who did we forget, who was there, who showed up when, how many max, who left when, how stayed thru midnight


Entertainment – music, TV, lighting,


How much coffee, ice was used




Ideas for next year

Refinish or replace basement door

Heaters for patio

Coat rack in bedroom

Dogs in Dom's bedroom with door open and gates up


What if… (improvements)

Speakers and receiver in basement and LR (maybe sonos? Plex? )

More of a party outside – music, drinks, fire pit, more xmas lights

Media area downstairs – laptop with stream from other sober new year parties, younger music, encourage to bring tablets and laptops. Maybe 2nd large display with Chromecast connection to 7” tablets.

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