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Template for: Before Takeoff


Basic checklist for before any aviation involved takeoff. Disclaimer: this site is not responsible for any consequences of following or not following the checklist at hand. It should be used as a general guideline to follow in order to understand the general pre-flight responsibilities of a starting pilot. Enjoy the checklist and use it wisely.

Auxiliary fuel pump turned off

Flight controls free and correct

Instruments and radios checked and set

Landing gear position lights checked

Altimeter set

Directional gyro set

Fuel gauges checked

Trim set

Propeller exercised

Magnetos checked

Engine idle checked

Flaps checked as required

Seat belts and shoulder harnesses fastened

Parking brake is off

NOTE, the items listed before should be completed before going further down this checklist

Doors and windows are locked

Full richness mixture, unless above 3,000 feet msl

Landing, taxi, and strobe lights are on

Camera transponder is on

Engine instruments checked

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