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Template for: Lupus Symptoms


This is a checklist consisting of the common symptoms of Lupus. Checkliststogo.com is not considered a medical professional, if you are concerned that you may have a medical condition you should contact your physician immediately regardless of any checklist on this site.

Chest Pain

Difficulty breathing

Rapid and/or irregular heartbeat

Pain in the chest during deep breathing

Dry eyes

Eye redness

Some loss of vision

Bleeding and/or bruising easily


Muscle weakness

Stiffness in joints

Aching muscles

Skin rashes

Sensitivity to sun or light

Mouth or nose sores

Hair loss


Headache and/or dizziness

Memory problems or confusion

Sad thoughts

Weakness.numbness on one side (for example, one arm weak or numb)

Swelling of legs and/or feet

Frothy and/or bloody urine



Weight change

Poor appetite

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