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Template for: Apartment Hunting

What is the monthly rent? Can I get the rent reduced if I sign a longer lease?

What is included in the rent? Electric? Heat? AC? Water? Television (cable)? Internet? Parking?

Is there a maintenance fee or any other fees in addition to rent?

Is Parking available? Is it free? For how many cars? Do I need a sticker or hang tag? Is there a designated spot? If parking is not free, what is the cost?

What Internet providers are available to use? (look up their packages, cost, and restrictions, e.g. data caps)

Will the landlord clean the apartment (including the carpet) and paint before the move-in date?

When you toured the apartment, was there any odor?

Is the flooring hardwood or carpet?

Is there heat and AC?

Is garbage collection curb-side or dumpsters? Where would I dump garbage and how often is it collected?

Is there recycling collection?

Is the apartment furnished? If I need to rent furniture, where can the leasing agent recommended?

Are the windows operable (is natural ventilation available)?

What is the view from the apartment? Are you looking at dumpsters?

Is there a washer/dryer in the apartment, or a coin operated laundry on the premises?

Where is the nearest grocery store? Drug store? Convenience store? Bank/ATM? Liquor store?

What is the commute like to my school/work? Can I walk or do I need to drive? Is the building on a bus route?

What is traffic like during morning and evening rush hour and weekends on the route to/from school or work?

How much noise is there in the evening s and on weekends? Keggers in the courtyard? (look for red plastic Solo cups and upended lawn chairs lying about)

Are there any construction sites nearby that are going to make sleeping in uncomfortable or block the roads nearby?

What is the age of the building? When was the last renovation/replacement of building HVAC, kitchen applicances, and bathroom fixtures?

Where are the electrical panel for the apartment if I plug in my hair dryer, curling iron, space heater, and George Foreman grill into the same power strip and need to reset the breaker?

How well maintained is the building exterior? Is there rust on metal railings? Peeling paint on the outside window and door frames? Lawn mowed and bushes trimmed? Gardens weeded and mulched? Trash in parking lot or blown about? Ivy growing out of control?

How are maintenance issues taken – phone number, front desk, web page? Is there a 24/7 number to call for maintenance after hours? How quickly do maintenance personnel respond on average? What is the most common maintenance complaint?

How old is the HVAC in the apartment? Is there a thermostat for heating/cooling in your apartment? Can you change heating/cooling setpoints? Does it work? (ask for demonstration – cooling temp should be < 60 deg F and heating temp should be > 90 deg F).

Who shovels the walks and ploughs the parking lot and drive if it snows?

How secure is the building? Is there anyone patrolling the grounds? Security at the front desk? Deadbolt on the apartment door? Cameras on the grounds? Are any windows/doors to the apartment accessible from ground level?

Where is the nearest emergency exit to the apartment?

Does the apartment have smoke detectors? Are they wired into a building-wide fire alarm system?

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