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Template for: Home Fire Safety

Check for frayed wires

Electrical cords out of the way

Baby-proof outlets

Check for faulty electrical system

Don't overload the system

Don't overload any single outlet

Examine outside air vent

Check type of wood for fireplace

Hire a chimney sweep

Inspect wood-burning stoves twice a month

Inspect water heaters annualy

Install smoke alarms

Install carbon monoxide detectors

Test alarms monthly

Replace batteries annually(or sooner if needed)

Clean alarms and detectors

Teach family sound of the alarms and detectors

Place fire extinguishers strategically

Replace extinguishers when necessary

Consider installing a sprinkler system

Create an escape plan with two exit routes

Choose an emergency meeting place

If there is more than one story, buy a rescue ladder and have easily accessible

Install a deadbolt lock on each door to the outside

In any room with window bars, make sure at least one has a quick-release mechanism

Install motion sensing floodlights in the backyard

Keep your house looking lived in, when away

Advertise any home security system you might have

Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor

Make sure your house number is visible from the street

Store flammable liquids away from any flame source

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