Template for: Toolbag

Crescent Wrench, adjustable, 6” (Chanellock #806W)
Crescent Wrench, adjustable, 8” (Chanellock #808W)
Linesman’s Pliers (Gardner Bender ‘GB’, #GPS-3219 or GPS-3214)
Channel Locks, 10” (straight-jaw, Channellock brand #430 or equal)
Hex keys, 9-key, 3/16” to .050” (Eklind #20912)
5/16” Alan Key (for CRAC units)
Needle nose pliers, spring loaded (Pro's Kit PK-34 or GC Electronics #12-7315)
Small oval-head cutter, spring loaded (GC Electronics #12-7322 or #12-306)
Wire strippers (GC Electronics #8175 or Gardner Bender, ‘GB’, #GS-370)
Wire jacket stripper (Sewell Cable Stripper P/N SW-23777)
Utility knife
Tape measure – light and compact, 16’ minimum?
Screwdriver, 6-in-one (Channellock #61CB)
Flat/Slotted-head screw driver, 3/32" or 2.6 mm (General Tools 611094 or GC 2.4x40)
Flat/Slotted-head screwdriver, 1/8” (General Tools 711125)
Phillips-head Screwdriver, 1/8” or size #0 (General Tools 712010)
...and there are more items

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