Template for: New Years Party

Clean up yard (leaves, dogs), gutter (parking)
Need Bridghid’s 14 folding chairs (plus our 4)
Garage – all drinks and food in there while getting house ready
Garage - Clean out garage
Garage – saw horses with closet door as table.
Garage - Round table accessible in garage
FR – All dog stuff out (bowls, toys, blankets, …).
FR – Maria’s desk chair out
FR – Fireplace pokers out. No fire in fireplace.
FR – CD box out
FR – Leave basement door open.
LR – take xmas tree down
LR – all large potted plants, doll house, antique bench out.
OUTSIDE - Clean off back porch and uncover/wipe down table and chairs
LR – green trash can just inside hallway or in corner where Japanese cabinet goes.
...and there are more items

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