Template for: Computer Bag Inventory

Amtrak Ticket
Cash ($40 minimum), License, Credit Card
Cell Phone
Single spare car key
Flashlight - mini
Headset - wired
Tape Measure - small
USB Key - 16 GB (Blank for others to copy files to
Meds – (3 lipitor, 3 Quinapril + HCTZ, 3 baby aspirin, 3 toprol, 4 sudafed, 4 immodium, 2 benadryl, 2 tylenol, 2 zyrtec)
Ear plugs
Balto office key card
Bag with Enet xover, Enet patch, 6" USB extension, 6" micro-USB, 6" mini USB, Camera cable
...and there are more items

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