Template for: Apartment Hunting

What is the monthly rent? Can I get the rent reduced if I sign a longer lease?
What is included in the rent? Electric? Heat? AC? Water? Television (cable)? Internet? Parking?
Is there a maintenance fee or any other fees in addition to rent?
Is Parking available? Is it free? For how many cars? Do I need a sticker or hang tag? Is there a designated spot? If parking is not free, what is the cost?
What Internet providers are available to use? (look up their packages, cost, and restrictions, e.g. data caps)
Will the landlord clean the apartment (including the carpet) and paint before the move-in date?
When you toured the apartment, was there any odor?
Is the flooring hardwood or carpet?
Is there heat and AC?
Is garbage collection curb-side or dumpsters? Where would I dump garbage and how often is it collected?
Is there recycling collection?
Is the apartment furnished? If I need to rent furniture, where can the leasing agent recommended?
Are the windows operable (is natural ventilation available)?
What is the view from the apartment? Are you looking at dumpsters?
Is there a washer/dryer in the apartment, or a coin operated laundry on the premises?
Where is the nearest grocery store? Drug store? Convenience store? Bank/ATM? Liquor store?
...and there are more items

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